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River City Bingo

Finances have always been a challenge. We do not receive any government or public funding. The bulk of our income comes from partnership with several other charities in River City Bingo . It is not a set amount and is often subject to any number of uncontrollable factors. Comparatively, our other regular sources of income are nominal, yet valuable. Therefore, we welcome your tax deductible donations* to ensure that the doors stay open and lives continue to be saved and changed.

Project Helping Hand

Project Helping Hand (PHH) is a wholly owned subsidiary of NAF. It occupies a segregated section of the building. PHH is designed to house people while assisting them in an individualized plan to transition into treatment or a stable sober living environment. Each client can stay up to 30 days during which time they are exposed to recovery meetings and clean, structured living. The two dormitories include space for 6 men and 4 women. Each dorm includes a bathroom. The common areas that all clients share are spacious laundry, kitchen, and dining. There is no cost to the clients.

AA/CA Meetings

The mission of NAF, as established in 1986 is as follows: Provide, at reasonable rent, meeting place for North Austin 24 group of Alcoholics Anonymous The building at 1000 Prairie Trail, Austin, Texas, was rented and doors opened as a place for alcoholics/addicts to attend AA and CA 12 step meetings and support one another in recovery through fellowship in a alcohol/drug free environment. Currently, there are a minimum of four meetings daily and someone available to talk to 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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